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Ten Things You’ll Learn At College Freshmen Orientation

Last updated June 23, 2021

Ten Things You’ll Learn At College Freshmen Orientation

The day has finally come … college orientation! You’re excited and anxious and have no idea what to expect. You’ll meet some of your future friends, business partners and learn more about what your college has in store. If you’re wondering how you’ll pick classes, how to get tutoring, or what to do when you’re homesick, read this list and put your nerves to rest.

How to register for classes

Ten Things You’ll Learn At College Freshmen Orientation

One of the first things you’ll do at orientation is pick your classes! It’s okay if you don’t know exactly what you want to major in — there will be people there to help guide you. Plus, it’s a great time to check out intro classes on topics you may be interested in. 

What clubs to join

There are many clubs found on college campuses. From “PB&J Club” to “We like to golf” to “plant growers” and “Harry Potter Lovers Club.” At orientation they’ll let you know what’s at your campus or you can create your own club. On some campuses Greek Life can be a huge part of the campus culture. 

Study abroad opportunities 

Ten Things You’ll Learn At College Freshmen Orientation

Studying abroad doesn’t cross everyone’s mind at first — but it should. Luckily, at orientation you should hear about some study abroad opportunities! They’ll also tell you about how to pay for it with the many scholarships and grants available for study abroad programs so anyone can go!

Explore new things!

College is a place to try new things, discover your passions, and learn about who you are and who you want to be. Orientation will let you know that it’s okay to fail in something new! Whether you pick up a new sport, try an acting class, or run for student body president, this is the time to try new things and learn!

It's time to get out of your comfort zone

You’re in a new place with new people free of judgments and expectations. If you’ve always wanted to showcase your secret talent or get out of your bubble the time to do so is now ☺

Importance of time management

You’ve gained independence. You don’t have teachers nagging you to turn in your work and you don’t have your parents waking you up for class. It’s important to learn how to organize your time and to do so wisely. Don’t spend your whole time studying, and definitely don’t spend your whole time partying. Find a balance that works for you and allows you to succeed in the classroom and enjoy college.

Everyone belongs somewhere

At orientation you’ll be surrounded by so many different people who have different interests from you. If you came from a school where no one else liked drama or you’re the only one who was in to computer science — you’ll soon find out that everyone belongs and you’ll find people who also have the same interests as you!

Where the resources are

Yes you’re independent, but that doesn’t mean you’re alone! There are so many resources on campus like support programs, a food pantry, and/or free counseling. At orientation you’ll learn where to go for tutoring, where the writing center is, what office hours are, and how school staff are there to help you succeed.


You’ll find that your school is full of diversity! You can see diversity physically — ethnicities, ages. And sometimes you won’t notice it until you talk to people — interests, experiences. There will be students from all walks of life, which is great because it’ll enrich your learning experience, friendship circles, and help connect you to the real world. You may even have a diversity center on campus!

It's okay to be homesick 

Last, but not least … you’ll find it’s okay to be homesick!!! Whether you’re moving thousands of miles away or going just up the block — you may find yourself missing your high school friends, family, your old room etc. That’s okay! At orientation you’ll see there are other students who are nervous and missing home, too. 


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