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Types Of Secrets

Last updated January 7, 2020

We all have at least a few secrets. Whether they’re between friends, family, or you and your diary, each one has their own persona.

Big Secrets

These secrets are usually more personal and directly affect you. Whether it’s a family secret or something you’ve never told anyone, these secrets often feel very high stakes.

Little Secrets

These secrets can often be little white lies or secrets that do minimal damage if told or kept. These are usually secrets shared between friends, like an inside joke or a funny, and maybe even an embarrassing, conversation you had at a sleepover.

Surprise Secrets 

These secrets are especially fun if the recipient of the surprise enjoys spontaneity. Surprise parties are the most fun parties to plan because you’re doing something nice for your friend who, hopefully, has no idea. This makes your friend feel like you’re generous and caring friend and always thinking about her and what would make her happy.

Embarrassing Secrets

These secrets can feel like they would be the most detrimental to your social life. From an embarrassing childhood story to a weird habit of yours, if these secrets were to get out it would be a little unnerving. However, these are some of the best secrets to share with friends. I promise that some of the most embarrassing stories you have aren’t as mortifying as you may think. It’s always fun to swap funny stories with your friends. Not only do you get to learn more about your friends, but you also get to let go of some of the embarrassment you’ve been holding on to with your secret.

Gossipy Secrets

These secrets are often shared by multiple people and are often rumor based. Stories about who’s dating who and who said what are often the topic of conversation for these secrets. The more their told the bigger and less accurate they get. These secrets are also extremely hurtful when told because they’re powered by negativity.

While some secrets are harmless and even funny, others can be extremely hurtful; those are definitely the secrets you want to stay away from. It’s true that being a part of something as exclusive as a secret is exciting, but secrets are even better when they’re not making someone feel bad in the process.

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