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5 Tips For A Smooth College Transfer From A Community College

Last updated January 6, 2020

Not everyone starts their college journey at a four-year university. For some students, community colleges are a great way to jump into college life. You can tackle your required general education classes such as math, science, and English before having to focus on a major. And when you graduate in two years, you have an Associates degree that makes you more desirable for work, and ready to transfer to a four-year school!

These are just a few of the things to consider as you begin the transfer process from a community college to a four-year university.

Get the info you need. 

Visit the schools at the top of your list and collect all info they have for transfer students. Search for any transfer (articulation) agreements between your community college and where you want to go. You’ll want to start talking with the Admission office at the school you are considering transferring too. (which office would they work with to start this process?)

Make a plan. 

If you complete your Associate Degree before transferring, you will probably do better at a 4 year school. Figure out if you need to finish your associates or if it would be better just to transfer with some credits. Your major may affect how many credits you get to transfer over.

Talk to a counselor 

Get feedback about any support that your community college gives to students. Speak up for yourself and become active in your school community. You’ll need letters of recommendation and it helps to build relationships with other students and staff.

Programs and support

4 year colleges have programs and support specifically for transfer students. Research what support is available exclusively for transfer students. Programs like transfer orientation, transfer specific scholarships, and transfer support networks can make all of the difference during your transition.

Stay focused and stick to the plan. 

You will probably be saving yourself from accumulating thousands of dollars in debt by first going to a community college. Maintain your grades and do your part so that the transfer process goes smoothly. Do your research and remain committed to your plan by remembering the bigger picture. Things might get hard but if you work smarter, not harder, it will pay off. 

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